29 Life Lessons in 29 years



Every year around my birthday, I start to feel philosophical. I reflect back on my life and think about what I want to achieve in the next year. Much like New Year’s resolutions, I write down a list of goals and I become inspired to achieve greatness. This year is no different. I revamped my social media pages, switched up my fitness regimen, and within the past month began writing again. So far so good.

I’m a huge fan of Jenna Marbles on YouTube. She is hilarious, relatable, and someone I would want to be friends with in real life.  Jenna’s birthday is actually the day after mine, but she was born a year before me. Last year, she made a video 29 Life Lessons I learned in 29 years, that resonated with me. Since, I’ve seen many people post lists of the lessons they’ve learned in their 29 years. I really love this idea. What better way to kick off my final year in the 20’s club than by reflecting back on all that I’ve learned, and then sharing it with the internet? So, I have compiled my own list (in no particular order) of lessons that I’ve learned in the 29 years that I have been alive.

1. You don’t always get what you want in life. Sometimes this sets you on a different, better path.

2. Forgiveness is a gift for yourself. Don’t waste your time holding grudges and holding onto anger.

3. Music and movement are two of the best cures for everything. They will heal your soul.

4. Don’t complain unless you have a solution to the problem.

5. Not everything deserves a response. Sometimes silence is the best answer.

6. You are not as different or unique as you think.

7. Don’t think of cost. Think of value.

8. You are responsible for your own happiness.

9. Nothing is permanent. Everything is constantly changing.

10. Say yes to things even when you don’t feel like it.

11. Don’t get too wrapped up in present troubles. Have a little perspective. Ask yourself – Will this matter in 5 minutes? 5 months? 5 years?

12. Find humor in every situation.

13. Put out positive energy and you will get it back from the universe.

14. Practice gratitude. Focus on the things that you have, not what you don’t have.

15. It’s not about your age or the destination. It’s about the journey along the way. Enjoy it.

16. Exercise. Find something you love and be consistent.

17. You have to live with the consequences of your choices – good or bad.

18. Relationships take work. You have to be willing to compromise and communicate with your partner.

19. Take the time to read books that interest you.

20. You are not entitled to anything. You have to work hard for the things you want in life.

21. You will never please everyone. Not everyone will like you. It has nothing to do with you.

22. Someday never comes.

23. The simple, little things mean the most.

24. Don’t take life seriously, but take your education seriously. It’s never too late to learn what ever you want to learn.

25. Be kind to everyone.

26. You are in control of your life. Own it.

27. You will make mistakes. So what? Don’t have regrets. Learn from every situation.

28. Drink more water.

29. You are only as young as your spine.


What are some lessons you’ve learned? Share them with me in the comments. 🙂

And if you haven’t seen Jenna’s video, click here to watch it.




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