#TIU31 Day 6 | Fall Fitness Challenge



It is day 6 of the #TIU31 Fall Challenge! It was another busy day for me. I got plenty of writing done, drank lots of coffee, and had fun with my family. Another Thursday in the books! 🙂

Earlier this afternoon, I logged in to ToneItUp.com and realized that I actually did today’s workout last night. Hahahahahahaha! So, I had to repeat it today. 31 reps of each daily move + 40 minutes of cardio. Below is a depiction of my attitude about cardio today.


I am not a fan of cardio everyday. My body is not a fan of cardio everyday. One of my favorite teachers in high school had a fun saying, “Suck it up and deal with it.” So, of course, I did the cardio. Another 40 minutes of HIIT via Tracy Campoli. It wasn’t that bad.

Day 6 was a success!

A little humor goes a long way.

Have a great evening, friends!


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