When Life Gives You Lemons….

……make lemonade. Or find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party!


We have all heard these sayings. Some of us smile or laugh, others may genuinely use the former (or even the latter) as their own personal motto.

The point here, is that we all hit snags and bumps in the road. That’s life, a series of ups and downs. But what happens when we are in the current time of a down? How do we pick ourselves back up?



These seem to be the times that really define who we are, as people. They also seem to be the times we look back on, and think, “Wow. I’ve really come a long way since…(insert time here.)”

Sometimes, we let the down moments overcome us. We may give up. Sometimes it seems like you start off on the right foot, plenty motivated, and well assured that you can conquer the world, only to end up tearing yourself apart for any number of reasons that make you feel less than your best. These are the exact times when its important to stop, take a step back, and regroup. Remember what you set out to do. Maybe take a break and seek out some motivation and a fresh breath of air.

When I get stuck or find myself in a cycle of negativity, there are a few things that pull me out of my funk every time.

Yoga. There is something so comforting about rolling out my mat. It’s a time to connect with the breath, accept the emotions and negativity, release them, and bring myself back to the present moment. I love Adriene Mishler’s Yoga with Adriene. She has an amazing energy and encourages everyone to “Find What Feels Good.” Check her out here: http://yogawithadriene.com/

Cardio. Sometimes the best way to channel strong emotion energy is through an intense cardio session with fast paced music. I love a good dance cardio and my favorite is the Tracy Anderson Method. Another good cardio option is Zumba. Latin flavored dance always puts me in a good mood! Cardio will pull you out of your head space and flood your body with endorphins.

Pinterest. Then there are situations and times that don’t allow for an exercise option. Pinterest is such a great resource! When I’m feeling low, I love to log in and browse motivational or inspirational quotes. I also enjoy the humor pins – perfect for deep belly laughs!

These are few things that I do that always help me. I hope you enjoy them and I hope they help. Remember, none of us are alone.

What are some things that help lift you up when you are feeling down?

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