Tiny – Memories

As many parents do, I have saved many of my favorite items from when my son was little. This box is a collection of tiny clothing and items that hold many treasured memories.



Cookie Monster silverware that was given to us from my husband’s grandfather; a hat and bib from my mother-in-law; my son’s first rubber duck; My favorite onesie; My son’s first Ohio State jersey and onesie; My son’s favorite blue tank top; His hand print ornaments; and my favorite item of all…


The most adorable Minnetonka Moccasins that I bought for him after he was born. While I have passed on many clothing and toy items that my son outgrew, these were the few things that I just couldn’t part with.

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2 thoughts on “Tiny – Memories

  1. these tiny pieces of memory make up our whole life. even i have my kids baby clothes and toys saved up… i could manage to preserve one of my toy from my toddlerhood.
    May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of the sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.
    Happy Birthday Nat

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