How To Fix Broken Make-Up

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. It’s such a great resource for a variety of needs. Beauty hacks are one of my favorite ideas to search for and pin.

A few years ago, my bronzer compact broke. I think it got dropped or just from the hustle and bustle of moving around in my make up box.. something along those lines. I didn’t want to throw it away because there was still quite a bit of makeup in it, albeit in pieces that were of no use to me. So of course, I turned to Pinterest for help. I found a bunch of ideas on how to fix it.. and pinned almost all of them. Then I set the compact aside for another day.

A few years later…

I still had that broken bronzer compact. I searched out that pin, grabbed the rubbing alcohol out of the cupboard, and decided to give this beauty hack a try.

This hack comes from The Beauty Department.

And it gave my compact a new life.

Broken make – up before



What You Need



It’s very simple to fix. First, you have to cover your make up tightly with plastic wrap. I didn’t have plastic wrap; instead, I cut a plastic baggie along the seam and covered my compact with that. Then I used a little pick from an old nutcracker set to ground the bigger pieces of make up into fine powder. You want all the make up to be broken up into loose powder.


If you have a dropper, awesome; it will make the next step much easier. I did not. All you have to do is add a little bit of rubbing alcohol. TBD recommends 70%, which is what I had on hand.

Add the rubbing alcohol a little at a time, mixing it in to the powder. (I used the pick to mix it well)  Then use your spatula to smooth it over evenly.. or as evenly as you can.


I smoothed the edges as best as I could using the pick. Then just let the compact sit and dry. It took mine about a day to dry.



And voila! A like-new compact… It isn’t the prettiest, but it worked and I can use the make up now; that is all I care about. 🙂


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