How to Cure Grouchiness



In desperate need of caffeine, vodka, a tropical vacation, or a combination of all three.

Just plain cranky, irritable, grouchy.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all experienced this. Right now, in the midst of a stressful, busy season, it’s natural to feel like a prickly cactus. I, myself, have been feeling a little ouchy lately, for no apparent reason.

So what do you do? Continue to spiral in a field of complaints and negativity… or find something constructive to help pull you out of your grouchy funk?

Hmm.. decisions decisions.


Obviously, we choose the latter.

This week I’ve compiled a handful of things you can do to help cure grouchiness. Give these a try and see how you feel.


Take a nap

Sometimes you just need to chill and sleep it off. Even a 30 minute nap can work wonders and improve your mood. At work? Go take a quick nap in your car. Just be sure to set your alarm.


Have a snack






Those Snickers commercials aren’t lying. You are not yourself when you’re hungry. Brew a pot of coffee, enjoy a few cookies. If you want to be healthy, have some celery and peanut butter, some nuts, or apple slices. Try to enjoy your snack in a quiet place. This really does help.



A little yoga goes a long way. Hop on your mat and work out your mood. Your body will thank you, and so will your mind. I love Yoga With Adriene .. she has a yoga flows for bad moods, stress, anxiety, etc. It’s also worth noting that doing yoga each morning sets you up for a successful day. A little mindful movement does wonders.



I was going to exclusively discuss the Tracy Anderson Method, however, it doesn’t actually matter what fitness program you are doing. Just get up and move. Yes, I love the Tracy Anderson Method. It helped me slim down and look amazing on my wedding day. (Read more about that here.) It continues to keep me thin, strong, and feeling confident. It drastically improved my mood yesterday. However, it doesn’t actually matter what fitness program you are doing, or what exercise you perform.. just moving helps improve your mood.

Go for a run.

Do a HIIT workout.

Go lift some weights.

Go for a walk.

All of these exercises have benefits, including curing that grouchiness.


Take a long, relaxing bubble bath

Add Epsom salts if you are able. Read some magazines or a book. Light a candle. Play some soothing music. This works wonders on your mood and your muscles.


Laugh it out

Laughter is the best medicine. Take a break. Watch a few YouTube videos or browse Pinterest. See how you feel after 10 or 20 minutes.






What are your tips for curing grouchiness? Let me know! 🙂


Check out 6 Simple Ways to Bust a Bad Mood for more.


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