Paths of Snow and Ice



A trail at East Harbor State Park in Ohio.


An icy path and a view of Lake Erie at East Harbor State Park in Ohio.














December Favorites

The end of the year has finally arrived!

…And it’s time for another round of monthly favorites.

Here are the things that I have enjoyed slightly more than other things this month.



Pink Pajama Pants



These were a Christmas gift last year. Now, normally, I am not a pants type girl… I love wearing shorts and a sweatshirt around the house, even in the cold winter. But these were a game-changer. They are so soft and incredibly comfortable. They are perfect to lay around and relax in… They are great for gentle yoga flows.. I have been wearing these all year. I love them! I would put these in the “Best Christmas Gift Ever” category.



Game of Thrones Season Six




I was finally able to catch up with Season Six… Loved it.

Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Repair with Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner




(I received these products complimentary from Herbal Essences and BzzAgent to test. Full review coming soon.)

I’ve been using this for about a month. I wanted to include this in my favorites because I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner. First of all, the scent is amazing! It smells so good.. and the scent lasts for days. (Spoiler alert.. I don’t wash my hair everyday.) The shampoo gently cleanses your hair, without drying it out. But be careful. If you use too much, it can leave your hair looking a little greasy. The conditioner hydrates and leaves hair silky and soft. It has been wonderful with my color… It has kept my red vibrant and beautiful. I highly recommend this for all of you ladies, but especially if you have super long hair, or if you want to grow your hair out.


And my number one favorite thing for the month of December……



This gorgeous snowflake ornament! This was a gift made by our dear friend and neighbor.

Well, that wraps up the final month of favorites for 2016. What was your favorite thing this month? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Conquer Fear & Self Doubt To Achieve Your Dreams β€” Jay Colby

As we approach the new year, we get excited about our goals. We vow to make this year “my year,” and we are filled with motivation to achieve our dreams. But what happens when we begin doubting ourselves, allowing fear to creep in and take control? Jay Colby addresses this in the following post. It was such an inspirational message with practical tips, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Check it out.


If you are like most people, you have aspirations for a better life maybe a goal or dream you like to achieve. That goal may coincide with personal growth or maybe a dream that you always wanted to pursue. Your goal may also include going back to school, becoming an entrepreneur or starting a newΒ […]


via Conquer Fear & Self Doubt To Achieve Your Dreams β€” Jay Colby

7 Quotes to Get You Pumped Up For The New Year

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on with all the wisdom experience can instill in us.”
-Hal Borland


2016 is almost over. It’s time to reflect back on the year, thinking of all the things you accomplished; the things that maybe didn’t go so well, and the lessons those things taught you.

It’s time to close this chapter, letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Whatever that means for you: tossing the clutter, organization, forgiveness, etc.

It’s also time to start planning ahead, setting those goals and resolutions for 2017.

What do you want to accomplish?

What places would you like to visit?

Do you want to break an old habit? Start a new one?

This week, I’ve compiled 7 quotes to help inspire you to look ahead, get you pumped up, and ready for your best year! Let’s do this!




motivation 1.2.jpg











Start the New Year Right: Join the 31 Day Yoga Challenge

Hello friends!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! I wanted to take a few minutes and share something with all of you.

Starting January 1, Adriene, from Yoga with Adriene, is hosting, Revolution: 31 days of Yoga. This is going to be amazing! 31 days of yoga, to increase flexibility, create long, lean muscles, increase energy, and transform your body and your mind. (and of course, her tagline, to find what feels good.)

I’m very excited about this challenge. I love the Yoga with Adriene channel. Adriene is quirky, funny, and relatable. She encourages her students to move off the beaten path, and to find the movements that feel good in your body; to listen to your body; be present in the moment, right there on your mat; to let go of the things that no longer serve you. She makes everyone feel welcome, and has a variety of yoga videos available, including her Foundations of Yoga series, which breaks down various poses, showing you how to get into the pose and variations of the posture for each level.

Quite literally, Yoga with Adriene helped me rediscover my love of yoga.

Doing yoga on a regular basis has transformed my life in many ways. It helps me prepare for the day: I’m more focused and I have more energy.Β  My body feels better when I get in a yoga session; It helps me when I’m upset, anxious, or stressed out; I’m better able to let go of things that don’t matter; I’m more present, more mindful, even off the mat.

As LeVar Burton used to say, “But you don’t have to take my word for it.”

Check out Adriene’s video below. Visit her website here to learn more and sign up for the challenge.




Winter Has Come

Hi Blogmas, It’s Blogmas!


Today is the final day of Blogmas here at SassyCatK Headquarters. I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Holiday! I hope that you have a wonderful time of celebration, delicious food, and gratitude with your loved ones.

For my final Blogmas post, I wanted to share some winter scenes that I recently captured.


Driving into the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Oak Harbor, OH


Looking out from the third floor of the visitor’s center.


Driving into East Harbor State Park in Ohio.



Lake Erie at East Harbor in Ohio.


A beautiful winter day at East Harbor State Park in Ohio.



The Best Cure for Cold Sores | An Orajel for Cold Sores Review





*Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Smiley360 to test.Β  All opinions are my own.*

I’ve been dealing with cold sores since I was five. Plain and simple, cold sores suck. They are ugly, embarrassing, sometimes painful and/or itchy, and are incredibly helpful in destroying your self-esteem and confidence for at least a week.

When I was growing up, I would get at least two cold sores a year. Mostly during the winter months. I would treat it with rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly. I would also take Zinc and Calcium everyday until it disappeared. Cold sores are so wonderful when you are a teenage girl. (note the dripping sarcasm)

As I’ve gotten older, cold sore appearances have been rare, thankfully. When I get a cold sore now, it usually means that I’m about to get very sick. (As was the case when I got strep throat two times in a row, in a span of two months.) I might also get one after being extremely sick or under times of major stress. (For example last summer when I was dealing with getting over being sick and planning on attending a family trip the very next week.) When this happens, I usually have about a week of dealing with the cold sore. Yay.

We are in the midst of the holiday season. Talk about stress. Now is not the time to be dealing with a cold sore. We have parties to attend, time to spend with our families, and people will be documenting it all on video or in pictures.

In October, I joined Smiley360. It’s a great website that sends you products to test out in exchange for your honest reviews. Sounds great, right? After joining, I filled out some information about myself and took a survey. I qualified to receive Orajel for Cold Sores. Now, I was excited to receive a free product, but also secretly hoping that I wouldn’t get a cold sore. My hope was to pass it along to a family member to try out. Who wants to get a cold sore?

Well, as luck would have it, I recently felt that familiar tingle. You know it. The one where you rush into the bathroom to look in the mirror, check out your face, and spend the rest of the day either in denial, or hoping and wishing that you are simply imagining it. After about two hours of both, I remembered that I had the Orajel for Cold Sores product hanging out in my medicine cabinet. I decided now was the best time to test it out.

In the package, you get four treatment vials. The vial is a plastic tube with clear liquid inside and a little white sponge applicator on the end. There is paper wrapping around half of the tube. The instructions were simple: Remove the paper wrapping and slide it on the other end of the tube. Squeeze the vial firmly, at the arrow, until it pops, allow the liquid to saturate the white sponge applicator and press it gently on your cold sore.




After a few seconds, the spot on my lip was numb. No more tingling. I put the rest of the liquid on the area and relaxed on the couch. That evening, it was about eight hours later, I used a second treatment. The next day: no tingling, no swelling, no cold sore! Needless to say, I was extremely happy!

Now here’s the deal. I am very happy with the results of using this product. However, it is important to note that I used it at the first sign of a cold sore. If you can catch it right away, I think using this product can help prevent the cold sore from appearing. I would definitely recommend giving it a try!



Click here for a coupon to save $1 on your next purchase of Orajel for Cold Sores.

Transform Yourself Into an Elf

Hi Blogmas, it’s Blogmas!

Do you want to be an elf?

Have you seen this website sponsored by Office Depot / Office Max?

It’s like Jib Jab, but the entire video is free.. The catch is.. it expires in January. You can pay $1.99 to download it and keep it forever if you like. But you don’t have to. Connect your Facebook, take a photo, or upload a photo from your files and make your family and yourself into dancing elves! It’s so much fun!!

I discovered this last year, and it has since become a tradition. My son and I love to create videos with different family members and share them!

Go visit and make your own dancing elf videos!

Have fun!!

P.S. This is not sponsored… I just love making dancing elf videos and wanted to share the website with you! πŸ™‚ ❀

How to Cure Grouchiness



In desperate need of caffeine, vodka, a tropical vacation, or a combination of all three.

Just plain cranky, irritable, grouchy.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all experienced this. Right now, in the midst of a stressful, busy season, it’s natural to feel like a prickly cactus. I, myself, have been feeling a little ouchy lately, for no apparent reason.

So what do you do? Continue to spiral in a field of complaints and negativity… or find something constructive to help pull you out of your grouchy funk?

Hmm.. decisions decisions.


Obviously, we choose the latter.

This week I’ve compiled a handful of things you can do to help cure grouchiness. Give these a try and see how you feel.


Take a nap

Sometimes you just need to chill and sleep it off. Even a 30 minute nap can work wonders and improve your mood. At work? Go take a quick nap in your car. Just be sure to set your alarm.


Have a snack






Those Snickers commercials aren’t lying. You are not yourself when you’re hungry. Brew a pot of coffee, enjoy a few cookies. If you want to be healthy, have some celery and peanut butter, some nuts, or apple slices. Try to enjoy your snack in a quiet place. This really does help.



A little yoga goes a long way. Hop on your mat and work out your mood. Your body will thank you, and so will your mind. I love Yoga With Adriene .. she has a yoga flows for bad moods, stress, anxiety, etc. It’s also worth noting that doing yoga each morning sets you up for a successful day. A little mindful movement does wonders.



I was going to exclusively discuss the Tracy Anderson Method, however, it doesn’t actually matter what fitness program you are doing. Just get up and move. Yes, I love the Tracy Anderson Method. It helped me slim down and look amazing on my wedding day. (Read more about that here.) It continues to keep me thin, strong, and feeling confident. It drastically improved my mood yesterday. However, it doesn’t actually matter what fitness program you are doing, or what exercise you perform.. just moving helps improve your mood.

Go for a run.

Do a HIIT workout.

Go lift some weights.

Go for a walk.

All of these exercises have benefits, including curing that grouchiness.


Take a long, relaxing bubble bath

Add Epsom salts if you are able. Read some magazines or a book. Light a candle. Play some soothing music. This works wonders on your mood and your muscles.


Laugh it out

Laughter is the best medicine. Take a break. Watch a few YouTube videos or browse Pinterest. See how you feel after 10 or 20 minutes.






What are your tips for curing grouchiness? Let me know! πŸ™‚


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Cookies and Crafting on Saturday – Part 1

Happy Saturday, friends!

It’s the last weekend before Christmas .. already!

Saturdays are supposed to be laid back, filled with laughter, relaxing, and having fun. What better day to spend with the kids, baking delicious cookies and creating festive crafts?


Classic Christmas Sugar Cookies


Just like grandma used to make! Sugar cookies are a classic and a must have around the holidays. Click here for my recipe.

Bumble and Max even enjoyed them!


Charming Homemade Christmas Ornament


Whip up a batch of baking soda dough and create homemade Christmas ornaments. Hang them up as decorations in your house, or give them away as gifts. This is such a great project for kids! My son loved making these! Click here for instructions.

Click here for 5 more simple and delicious Christmas cookie recipes.


Have a wonderful Saturday!