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Green in January – Pictures of Resilience.


Snippets from my garden…




It’s January in Ohio. – The middle of winter, normally freezing cold with snow and ice. We have definitely been enjoying the occasional stretch of unseasonably warm temperatures. As a result, my plants are a little confused. Above is the greenery that I planted in August. I am surprised by how big it has gotten and that it is still around.

Below are my treasured cacti. Yes, cacti in Ohio! I was very excited to receive these as a gift. I have one left in my house that I adore. These took off after I planted them back in August. I wasn’t sure how they would do in the winter, it is a trial and error session. However, they are still going…

(Any gardening tips are much appreciated!)









A gorgeous sunset yesterday prompted me to pause my workout to attempt to capture it.

Within those brief few moments, there was silence, stillness, calm, and a sense of relaxation.


(…and of course, gratitude.)




Magical Memories


It’s Thanksgiving break here and my son and I decided to start slowly decorating for Christmas. I love hanging ornaments on the window valences and began pulling ornaments out of storage.

Ten years ago, I received these ornaments from a sweet lady for Christmas. It was a gift of gratitude and I have treasured these ornaments ever since.






Autumn Chaos – Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s theme is Chaos.

My front yard embodies the essence of this word. Almost overnight, a blanket of leaves covered my lawn and garden.



I must say, it’s quite beautiful to witness a slight wind rustle the branches of the trees, causing groups of leaves to rain down. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to capture that sight on film.